Sunday, 18 December 2016

WW1 Late-War British

One of my many longstanding projects is a late-war WW1 British infantry platoon. I'm aiming to have 4 sections completed in the coming months, consisting of around 7 men each. As the platoon will be late-war each section will contain an array of different specialist troops, reflecting how the British army adapted towards the end of the war through experiencing the trench warfare of the Western Front. 

Each section will be led by an NCO, and contain a mix of riflemen, bombers and Lewis gunners. The miniatures I've used are taken from the Woodbine Miniatures British WW1 range, which can be found here: 

So far I've started work on the section riflemen and once these are completed I'll be moving onto the NCO's. 

The WDC British riflemen come in a pack of ten metal miniatures with the option of different head sculpts; Service Caps, Gas Hoods, Bareheaded, Wolesleys, Lemon Squeezers, Gor Blimeys, Slouches, RND's.

The miniatures pictured here are kitted with Brodie Helmets, which were standard issue during the later stages of the war. 

The rifle section comes in a set of ten different poses, all equipped with Lee-Enfield rifles with bayonets fixed. One issue with the miniatures is the softness of the lead in areas such as the bayonets, which are prone to bending and snapping. The miniatures also come with a small metal base attached to their feet which assists in stabilising the miniature on the whole, but unfortunately inhibits more elaborate basing opportunities. I'd initially planned to have some of the riflemen standing on wooden planks but have had to opt for the mud of no man's land instead. 

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