Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Snowy Base Tutorial (Part 1)

I've had a few questions as to how I base my Space Wolves so here is a tutorial showing you how quick and easy it is to achieve my melted snow effect like this one here; 

You will need: 

  • PVA glue
  • An old paintbrush
  • Cork chippings
  • Bird cage sand
  • Bird cage grit

First take a plain base. I've used a standard 40mm but like in the example above any size is fine. Coat it in pva glue; I like to put it on thick to get a good grip on the larger basing pieces.

Next I use pieces of cork to create the effect of large rocks, but these pieces can also be effective as chunks of bark/wood depending on how you paint them. I use Army Painter's "Battlefield Rocks."  Place the cork pieces wherever you like on the base whilst making sure your miniature still has room to stand. I would recommend only a couple of pieces as you don't want to crowd the base.

Next I use the bird cage grit to scatter closely to the cork chippings - these pieces are smaller than the cork chippings but large enough to be set apart from the sand. This variety helps the transition between the larger and smaller basing pieces and gives the base a more natural feel.

The final part of the basing is the easiest - filling any empty gaps with sand. Fine grit sand is best. I'm using bird cage sand here as it gives an even surface. 

Leave this to dry and you'll be ready for painting. Give it a couple of hours to make sure your brush strokes aren't knocking off any of the larger pieces before they've dried.

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