Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Review (Re-upload)

Having recently started building a Space Wolves army I decided that for a HQ choice I would need a centrepiece model that looks and acts the part. Unlike my Imperial Guard army, where the force was lead by a squad of average humans, Space Wolves players have a variety of mean and brooding characters at their disposal.

After some deliberating I opted for a Wolf Lord with a Thunderwolf mount - because what looks more imposing than a 7 foot Space Marine riding a car sized wolf?

When I was buying the model I was made aware of an upcoming painting competition at my local GW that was open to any character model from Warhammer 40k, so obviously I would have to paint up my Wolf Lord and use him as my entry.

The model itself is beautifully sculpted and posed, but the one glaring problem lies in the material the model is made from. Citadel’s Finecast range is something that I am new to – I have been fully aware of its existence over the years but circumstance meant I had never purchased a GW product made from Finecast resin.
It is clear that many of the finely sculpted details have been lost in the process of converting the sprues to resin, with fine points such as vents on the Wolf Lord’s backpack bubbling and splitting, as well as the one major problem with the model being the wolf’s back right leg, which was bent out of shape. Despite spending a lot of time trying to rectify this the wolf’s leg is still slightly curved, but thankfully after having based the model it is not too noticeable.  

Ignoring the few minor negative points, the model is very straightforward to assemble (I used Citadel Thick superglue to ensure a tight fit) with the resin proving very easy to cut and shape as desired. Once assembled and placed on the base you are left with a piece of scenery in the form of a limbless Thousand Sons Chaos marine. This addition to the base adds a lot of character to the model itself and injects menace and narrative into an already powerful and lively character. The Wolf Lord is posed with a frost axe raised high, a stormshield held tight to the hide of his mount and a cloak billowing behind him. The wolf itself is leering, its teeth bared and legs set in motion. The combination of both characters posed in unison encapsulate a moment of swift attack and ferocity that will look perfect on the battlefield.

The Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is a model that I would highly recommend; despite certain design flaws it is a characterful piece that is an embodiment of everything Space Wolves and once painted up is the perfect centrepiece for any force.

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