Friday, 6 January 2017

2017 - The Year Ahead

Now that the new year is here I am able to begin my attempt at working through my vast backlog of miniatures. I'm going to aim to complete a project each month, and hopefully by the end of 2017 I will have completed the majority of my outstanding projects. 

First up is a Heresy Era Space Wolves army. As well as a bunch of MkIV marines left over from Betrayal at Calth, I've also picked up a Burning of Prospero boxset. My aim is to have at least 5 minis a month completed and anything above that is a bonus. I got a head start over Christmas and have managed to complete 3 MkIII marines and Geigor Fell Hand. By the end of January I should have at least 5 MkIIIs complete and a handful of MkIVs.

Aside from the 30k minis I've also invested in a small group of German WW2 troops in winter clothing for a Stalingrad diorama I'm hoping to complete in the near future. On top of this I recently bought some Russian WW2 troops in winter clothing from an extremely cheap sale on Warlord's Bolt Action site. I managed to pick up some Primer for a Universal Carrier project I'm working on with my dad, as well as some US Airborne and US Marines for Western and Pacific theatre dioramas respectively. On top of all this I've got the remainder of my WW! British infantry platoon to finish.
 A very busy year ahead.

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Warlord US Marines

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