Tuesday 28 February 2017

Squaduary Final Post

With the end of February now finally upon me it's time to take a look at my #Squaduary pledge. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get all 5 Terminators completed; I got 3 fully painted and based, with 2 others about 50% of the way there. The pictures aren't great as I usually take my photos using a natural light source but for now these will do.

Despite not finishing completely in time I'm still really happy with the progress I've made over the past month and am proud of the minis on the whole. I should have the final 2 done by the end of the week (fingers crossed) and will post pictures when they're ready.

A big thanks to Rory (@macantsagart) from Twitter for setting up the event and getting everyone motivated to get some painting done!


  1. Great work, love how they turned out. Did you not happen to notice the updates on www.steppingbetweemgames.com? My site has collections of everyone's work, not just from Twitter but blogs as well.

  2. Hi Rory, yes I've been keeping up to date with the updates on steppingbetweengames, I've really enjoyed seeing everyone elses progress. My bad for only mentioning twitter on this blog!

  3. Nice work! You're almost there though, so keep at it! Don't let them sit on the shelf for agest to get them completed.

  4. Great looking squad, I love the 30K SW scheme over the blue 40k one! Great progress all the same mate! Better to have painted grey, rather than unpainted grey! I love grey marines.